Saturday, April 28, 2018

Happy Birthday Bailey Jayne - 3 Years Old

Our sweet little pixie is 3 years old today! It's been a wild 3 years watching you grow into a sassy, kind, hilarious and imaginative little girl and we are beyond proud to be your parents. It's never dull when you're around and you bring so much life (and chaos) into our lives and we are all better because of it. You are so smart and fierce, we hope your confidence and independence continues to grow but know that we are always here to support you in whatever you do.

You've got the eye of a tiger, a fighter. Keep dancing through the fire. You are a champion, let the world hear you Roar.

Happy Birthday sweet Bailey Jayne. You gave us the gift of becoming parents and we will be forever grateful to call you ours. Love you baby girl. Let's hear you "Ro-ar-ar-ar-arrar!"

Believe in magic

Let your light shine on

Dream big

Have courage and be kind

Be the reason someone smiles today

Be true to your heart

Spread a little love today

Make a wish...and work to make it come true
Follow your heart
Just imagine
Never let anyone dull your sparkle

Choose happiness

Be fierce (Bailey's prom formal pose)

Be a wildflower among the roses

Jump high with intention and heart

Make yourself proud

Embrace the journey

Be silly and laugh often

Never lose your sense of wonder

Dance like no one's watching

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go
Thank you Bailey for showing us the magic in the everyday moment. Your spirit shines so bright, we look forward to watching you grow. I wish you were feeling better so we could really celebrate but we'll enjoy the extra snuggles for a few more days until you're ready to take on the world! Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you!


Mommy and Daddy, Sienna and Bubba

P.S. Of course we had to steal a few pics with our girl while she was all dolled up and wanted to share a few of our favorites.

Gigi's girls

P.S.S. Tequila was a little jealous that he didn't get a photo shoot, so he wanted to share a few action shots.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sienna Rose - 12 Months Old

How is my baby girl one year old today? She may have taken her sweet time to get here but this year has flown by way too fast! She is a little firecracker with a huge heart and has made such a beautiful impact on our family. Happy Birthday baby girl!

Sienna Rose - 12 Months Old
Sienna is 19 lbs 8 oz and is 29-1/2" tall. She has her big one year appointment on Monday and will be getting her shots, poor baby.

Sienna Rose in her favorite chair
Sienna runs now more than she walks, can climb up on just about anything (always keeps us on our toes), can say "Mama", "Dada", "Blue" and "Ooh". She sleeps less than anyone I've ever known and somehow bundles away so much energy that it at times seems impossible. She has eight full teeth and at least four molars on the way (also leading to not a lot of sleep). She will eat anything, and I mean anything - even a flea/tick pill of Bubba's so she'll be flea and tick free throughout the summer (we have poison control on speed dial). She loves to jump on trampolines, slide down the slides and would swing the day away if we let her. Sienna loves bath time with sissy, pulling and riding around in her wagon, splashing in Tequila's water bowl, drinking out of a straw, carrying around her purses, playing dress up and tea parties with Bailey, playing with the princess dolls and Barbies, stack blocks and knock them down and slides. She loves to dance and has started singing along with her big sister. She can roar like a lion, loves to blow raspberries on Mommy (especially when she's supposed to be feeding), giving big smackeroo kisses to everyone and hugging her sister. She can throw unbelievably loud full-body tantrums, makes putting her in her car seat an Olympic wrestling event and can be quite demanding...but all the fussiness in the world wouldn't diminish the sweet, loving and beautiful soul we get to spend our days with. We love you sweet Sienna Rose and are absolutely blessed to be able to call you ours.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Balloon party

Cake smash! With the weather we've had these last few months, spring has decided to hold off for awhile so finding a set up and location to do some fun cake smash photos took a bit of work, but we snagged a spot on a beautiful day and got a few fun pics. Sienna wasn't too into the cake at first, but luckily Bailey came up after her dance class with Gigi and helped to get her going (and ate plenty of cake as a reward). Enjoy some of our favorites...

Happy Birthday Sweet Sienna

Sis was only trying to help

It's ok Sienna

Angry fairy

Pretty big sister

This would have been super cute if the phone wasn't smeared with icing

She loves her Gigi

We've got a little performer on our hands. Sienna loves to dance and has added singing to her repertoire. She loves to sing along to Roar with Bailey, makes up her own tunes and is obsessed with the Moana microphone.

Oh Sienna, you are so fun to watch grow up. Your sweet smile can melt our hearts even when we are bone tired because you don't sleep. You're mischievous and kind, with lots of kisses and snuggles to spare.
Always the climber

Such a silly girl

She played with this cabinet for over an hour

She loves her fairy wings

Baby yoga

Peek a boo

Daddy's girl

Such a happy girl

Sweet yogurt face

She loves her Daddy

She loves putting these on
Sienna loves purses and huge bags. If she can get it on her arm, she will take it around with her forever.

Accessorizing at sis' dance class

These two are so sweet with each other. They have such a strong bond already and love to give each other hugs, play tea party, have dance parties and dig in the mud together. They definitely have their moments, but overall Bailey is really good at sharing with Sienna and Sienna follows her around wherever she goes.

Sweet hugs

She loves her big sis

Bailey loves her little sis

The sisters that clean together

One is not as amused as the other

One of my favorites
First holidays are always fun and Easter was no exception. Sienna loved going on her first Easter Egg Hunt with Bailey at the Olathe Community Center and really loved that she could bring along one of her "purses" and put eggs in it. Bailey really had fun dyeing the eggs this year and was very proud of her special egg that she made. We enjoyed a fun weekend with Miss Ally on Saturday and spent a relaxing brunch with Gigi, Pop Pop and Uncle Mat watching our new favorite, Coco.

Dyeing some eggs

She was so careful

She made her egg special

Getting ready to collect the eggs

Trying to upstage sis


We have a dance party wherever we go

Sienna loves her Easter purse


The Easter Bunny did good
Can't forget one of our other favorite holidays...St. Patrick's Day! Though we definitely spend the day a lot differently with kids, Bailey had a lot of fun picking out a green outfit and pinching Daddy for not wearing any when he got off work.

April opens up one of our favorite activities...Deanna Rose Farmstead! We usually love going on opening day but they had to delay the start because of snow. Instead we waited until Daddy's half day which ended up being a beautiful 60 degree day and spent the entire afternoon. Sienna was enthralled by the bald eagle, Bailey loved kissing the goats and we got to meet a brand new calf born that morning. We will be making this a regular destination this season!

Meeting the piglets

Sienna loves to walk everywhere

Another bison fan in 

She loves the pony rides

The goat wasn't too sure about her kisses

She was enthralled with the bald eagle

Oh the zoo, how we've missed you. We decided to spend one of the really nice days this past month to play like the animals and brought along Uncle Mat, Gigi and Pop Pop. Sienna loved waving and talking to the animals and Bailey fell in love...with a crocodile. We never thought she would leave the exhibit and told Daddy that she was going to go back with her nice dress on to have a dance party with him. She wanted to keep taking photos of him and so we have lots of gems to choose from.

Sienna loves her Uncle Mat

Just hanging with the boys

And she's off

Hanging with Pop Pop

Her new bestie

The zoo was too much

And they're off
With the weather so cold and windy, we had to find some indoor fun to burn off a little energy. We decided to take Pop Pop to one of our favorite spots, Urban Air, for some jumping and climbing fun. Sienna loves to bounce and climbed up in the big play place just like her big sis.

A happy little jumper

Anything you can do I can do better

Racing Uncle Mat

Open gym - I am just going to put it out there...we are not meant to go to the dance parties at the library. Every first friday of the month, the Olathe Libraries host a toddler dance party and we have planned on going each month, but the fates are against me on this. The first one, I completely forgot what date it was and went the week after. Last Friday, I made sure I had the date and time right, got the girls ready early and invited Gigi to come with us. We got there with 5 minutes to spare and I was feeling good, until the gal said it was at the downtown Olathe library. So we hustled back in the car, got across town and were not even 2 minutes past the hour when another mom grabbed us and told us to follow her to the room. We get inside the packed room and start dancing when the librarian runs in and tells us we are too late and have to leave. Ugh - there is nothing quite like seeing the sheer disappointment in your children's faces when you know that you are the one that messed things up. Luckily they were pretty good sports and we grabbed a few books and headed out to get a make-up donut. Fear not, mom saved the day and we decided to go to an open gym to run around for an hour. I think we had more fun than that entire room of dancing toddlers because we got to jump on trampolines, climb on stuff and swing on the rings - beat that librarians! We may try again next month, but I'll definitely have a back up plan :)

Busy bee

She loved picking up the cones and putting them in order

Showing off her tricks

She loved the rings

Balancing with Gigi

Kidscape is another fun indoor adventure. The girls love to pretend play in the market and the fishing spot and take a trip through the museum.

She loved this baby doll

We have to send a little love to our Kansas Jayhawks! We had a lot of fun watching you in the tournament and are so proud of you for making it to the Final 4. Bailey loves to yell "Rock Chalk Jayhawk!" everywhere she goes and Sienna loves wearing her favorite Jayhawks cheerleader dress. We are definitely raising them right and Bailey had to make sure that her Uncle Mat knew that he was still her favorite even if he cheers for the bad guys (K-State and Duke).

Bailey is a busy little bee at dance class getting ready for her big recital. She loves shaking it in class with Miss Holly and is super excited because they just got their recital costumes in and it couldn't be anymore perfect. I didn't think we would ever get it off her but it is hanging up

So much sass

Posing like the dancers on the wall

This is her favorite part

Practicing her steps

Excited to show Daddy her new costume

Both girls love to play dress up, which is a good thing since we have lots of outfits to choose from. Sienna has really gotten into the dress up fun and loves to bring you tutus and pretty dresses to try on and twirl in. She also loves to wear fairy wings wherever she goes and sit in on Bailey's tea parties whenever she can. It's definitely fun watching these two and their imaginations at work.

She may not be too fond of the hat

Sienna's favorite off shoulder style

Who doesn't press garlic in a Belle dress? 

Our two Annas

Noting like eating some Mexican food in a Cinderella dress

What happens when Mom goes to work and Dad is in charge

Mom had to wear an ice mask because Sienna almost broke my nose...the didn't want to miss out on the fun

All our Cinderellas

This spring, or shall we call it Sprinter, is as unpredictable as any in our most recent years. We've gone from 70 and sunny to 20 and snowing in a day, along with enough rain and moisture to make up for the dryness from last year. Whenever it's sunny or not too crazy windy, we try to get out and enjoy it as much as possible. The girls love getting their hands dirty, and Bailey introduced Sienna to her favorite activity...dancing in the mud.

Playing with our fairy house

Water table fun 

A little girl at the park took my phone and snagged this pic...she looks so grown up!

Swinging with Pop Pop

Taking our excitement from the Duke win to the trail

She loves to run

I love these girls

She's such a ham

Too much fun 

Yes, that's a shoe

Sweeping the deck

Not supposed to be standing on that

She loves her Pop Pop

There's not a lot more fun than getting messy, but splashing in the bath during cleanup comes close. These two love taking baths together and there is always a mess and laughter when they are in there together.

If she's not in, she's causing trouble

Mommy and Sienna

Hey blue eyes

Yep, they were definitely getting into something
Even though we would prefer to be outside, we can have just as much fun indoors and luckily with the way this weather has been, we've not been bored. The girls love playing tea parties, dressing up Barbies, having dance parties, playing in the ball pit and creating obstacle courses.

Anyone need some tea?

Hiding in the cubby with Gigi

Naked booty Olympics

Midnight disco party

Pillow mountain

Egg crayons
These girls love their Bubba, so much so at times he feels the need to get away. Luckily he's usually a good sport, even when they decide he needs to wear a tutu or a shirt too. He does really enjoy the girls need to share their food with him and that Bailey has a bed big enough for the both of them, so it's an even trade, right?

He's throwing some serious shade my way

We recently updated Bailey's room with some big girl decor and to say that she loves it would be a bit of an understatement. She loves showing it off to anyone that comes through the door, so be prepared for the tour the next time you pop on by. 

Twirl approved

The only person getting a full night sleep in these days is Bubba, but Bailey comes a close second. She loves her big girl bed, especially now with all her big girl decorations and is a rockstar at sleeping through the night, though there have been a few mornings where we've found her sleeping with the princesses in tent. Poor Sienna is popping 4 new molars so she is having a hard time getting more than an hour and a half of sleep at a time (meaning Mom and Dad do too).`

Proof that she can actually sleep in her crib (for 20 minutes, but hey, progress)

Both girls love to ham it up for the camera and Bailey especially likes to "Snappy Chat" and make funny faces with the filters. Here are a few of our favorites:

Didn't work out like we expected...still awesome

Bailey's favorite...what a little weirdo

Creepily she looks like she's 18 and in an 80's music video...WTF  snapchat

She calls this her model pose...lord help us


also presh

Sometimes how my mind works

As always, there are a few more pics that were too cute not to share.

Just lounging away

Helping Daddy make dinner

Best day ever

Intently watching at the dentist

Bailey's been wanting a fan...and she managed to find the biggest

Picnic in Pop Pop's truck when Mom's car broke down

Helping Mom with some painting

Bailey's new friend

Helping mom scout locations for sissy's shoot

Hope you and your family have a wonderful day! We'll be celebrating Miss Sienna all weekend long and have a new project to share with you soon!


Sara, Brian, Bailey, Sienna and Tequila

And as always, we have a few outtakes from this morning to share:

This is how about 90% of the photos turned out...she never sits still

She loves sticking her tongue out